I took my Sunday night of Summer seriously—August was a time for me to catch up on relaxation and going off-list for awhile. Loved it so much that I let it creep into September a bit! My goal was to get back to my second novel with fresh eyes by September first. But, the first part of September was busy with household fix-it projects that couldn’t be delayed and fun adventures that popped up—a second annual sibling adventure in Duluth and a day trip to Grand Marais, the small Lake Superior harbor and arty village that boasts the World’s Best Donuts and one of my favorite indie bookstores, Drury Lane Books. 

I’ve written before about how elusive balance is in one’s life; it’s a theme in A Better Next. Personally, I continue my life-long quest to find it. I recognize it’s an illusion, but just being mindful about the importance of taking care to keep an even keel in your life-boat helps me to re-calibrate at times, and restore the relative value of time spent and meaning received.  Looking at the calendar this past month and noting the days fly by served to remind me how lucky I am to have good work to do in my community, the important bonds of family and friends, and time to cultivate the surprising satisfaction I get from writing.

I’m so excited to be able to now turn my creative energies to my second novel. A Better Next is clearly still in the launch stage. It’s fun to have events and stay connected on social media.  Tending to all of the opportunities that arise when actively participating in the writing life takes time and attention.  As a novice my learning curve is especially steep. But, the effort of sorting it all out is, on the whole, more interesting than burdensome. While A Better Next, is finding its audience, I find myself hand-holding the process and providing guidance, opening doors, and championing it as much as possible. Getting help from people who are supportive and trust-worthy is key. 

September is always a time of new beginnings for me. Perhaps the academic year set in early for me as a student, a parent, and many years working in a teaching hospital environment. The long, lazy days of August always allow for renewal and a re-start. Here I go!

It was hard to put my third draft of Novel #2 aside in May—leaving the writing zone and moving into the marketing space was a tough transition. But, after a long executive career, I know how to multi-task and am able to compartmentalize well. So, Novel # 2 was put aside while I prioritized A Better Next. I’ve allowed myself to ruminate on my work-in-progress a bit but haven’t been hands-on with it since May. On the brink of a total re-read of the last draft my excitement is tinged with more than a tad of anxiety. Which makes it all the more exciting…?

What if?

I now think its garbage?

I’ve lost the digital work in progress due to a technical glitch?

My characters are superficial and I don’t like any of them?

The structure is all wrong, and a major re-write is needed?

I can’t decipher my side notes?

I fall into a deep funk and it brings on writer’s block?

And these are just some of my concerns….Suffice it to say, my trepidation is under control, but I need to get to it before it takes over!  Wish me luck!