Book Club Discussion Questions

A Better Next: A Novel

These questions may enhance your book club’s discussion of A Better Next. Please note the questions will give away elements of the plot, so it’s best to read the book before reviewing the guide. If you’d like to tag me on social media with photos of your book club holding up their copies of A Better Next I’ll happily share! Enjoy! Thanks!

  1. What about Jess Lawson’s life resonates with you?
  2. Do you think Jess’ career hinders her ability to focus on her marriage?
  3. Why do you think it takes Jess so long to realize the root cause of the relationship failure with Arthur?
  4. What is it about the phase of the ‘empty nest’ that is dangerous to so many marriages today?
  5. Do you think her parents’ divorce affected Jess’ willingness to admit her own marriage was in trouble? If so, how?
  6. What do the pictures tell you about Jess and Arthur’s marriage?
  7. How would you describe Jess’ career ambitions?
  8. Did Jess try too hard to “do it all” and compromise her marriage? What could she have done differently?
  9. How did the friendships among Jess, Diane and Claire influence Jess’ decisions about her marriage, her career, and future dating?
  10. The first date after divorce is significant for Jess. Why?
  11. What did Jess like best about her new relationship with Jim?
  12. Who do you see around Jess’ Thanksgiving dinner table in the future?
  13. How did Jess’ value set influence her investigation of the medical group?
  14. Compare and contrast the male characters in the book. Arthur? Vincente? Dan? Jim? Dick? Larry Personne, Adam Bright?
  15. Do you think Jess and Arthur’s kids will be alright?  Why or Why not?
  16. What do you think Jess will do next? Why?
  17. If you listened to the audiobook, did you like the narrator’s choices?

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