And now A Better Next is two!  On May 28th, my debut novel will hit the second anniversary of its pub date. My first year out was fast and exhilarating. My second year out was puzzling.

Cleary, 2020 was different in myriad ways from 2019, and the book business was affected along with every component of our lives. There was a fair amount of early angst about how to keep new books coming. Early on, publishing dates were delayed in the hope that live launch events would work later in the summer of 2020. There was lots of worry about bookstores, and how libraries would cope.  

But, here we are on the other side. For A Better Next it’s a milestone to mark and celebrate. In honor of the support I’ve continued to receive I’m offering a Goodreads Giveaway opportunity starting May 20th through June 18th. I will be sending autographed paperback books to the lucky winners shortly after the June 18th end date.  Here is the entry link:

I love the fact that people were not just on Netflix, or streaming video and didn’t give up on their love of reading. Book sales grew in 2020! Libraries eventually found a way to provide books to their constituents. Bookstores may have shuttered for a time, but many were able to sort out a way to provide on-line or curbside pick-up options to their readers and readers were appreciative. The stimulus packages shored up many small businesses through the worst of it. 

Virtual book launches and talks cropped up everywhere, with bookstores often at the center of the action. The tech hesitant among the population learned zoom just to find out about one of their favorite authors! 

Last year we were not just traumatized by the pandemic, but by social unrest that rocked everybody’s world. Turning to books to help interpret events and the world around us is still important and I’m happy to say has been a bright spot over that period.

Looking back at my two years in the book market, I’m glad I chose to produce an audio book along with my e-book and paperback formats. I’m also forever grateful I got to experience my first year out with live events. But, the problem solving during the pandemic was something to behold; I believe some of the new ways to share content will be here to stay.

Sadly, the Iceland Writers Retreat that I was to attend in April of 2020 was cancelled, and the conference organizers tried valiantly to keep the faith with registrants in hopes that it could be postponed to Fall 2020. We all know how that ended!  Instead, we had a virtual conference the end of April 2021 that was quite good! But, I didn’t get to see Iceland or the volcano!

As an author, I’m grateful to booksellers who held on and used all of their creative powers to support books and book lovers. I’m grateful that my book continues to find readers, even two years out.

I’m thrilled to announce that Book #2 will be published by She Writes Press in July of 2022. Right now the details are not quite ready for prime time, but title, cover and exact date will follow over the next few months.

Thanks for your continuing support. And Good luck on the Giveaway—feel free to share the link with your friends! HAPPY READING!